Kia Soul EV: High Voltage Battery Control System / Description and Operation

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / EV Battery System / High Voltage Battery Control System / Description and Operation

High Voltage Battery Control System
High voltage battery control system consists of BMS ECU, PRA and it controls SOC (State of charge), output, trouble shooting, battery cell balancing, cooling, power supply & disconnect.
Power Relay Assembly (PRA) consists of main relay, precharge relay, precharge resister, battery current sensor and battery heater relay. It is connected to battery pack through busbar.
[Main Function]

SOC control
Calculation of SOC by measuring the voltage/current/temperature
Battery ouput control
Battery protection, Prediction of available power, Prevention of overcharge/overdischarge by calculating the input/output energy as the system status
PRA control
Cut off the power to the high voltage system when IG ON/OFF
Prevent the safety accidents due to high voltage system failure
Cooling control
Maintain the battery temperature by controlling the cooling fan
Trouble shooting
(Refer to "Trouble shooting")
System troubleshooting, data monitoring and software management
Limit the output by Fail-Safe
Prevent the safety accidents by controlling the relay

SOC (State Of Charge): Available energy in the battery
SOC = [Dischargeable current] / [Battery rated capacity] ? 100%
High Voltage Battery Heater System
If the temperature is too low, the battery can be frozen and it can cause reduction in the output voltage. So to prevent this, the heater system for high voltage battery is adopted. It is controlled automatically by the temperature.
The heater relay is controlled by the BMS ECU and when the heater relay is ON, high voltage is supplied to each heater.
Even when the ignition switch is OFF, the VCU operates the BMS ECU regularly to prevent freezing of the battery.
If the temperature reaches normal range, BMS ECU waits until the VCU gives the order to operate the battery heater via CAN communication.

If the battery SOC is too low while the heater is operating, the BMS ECU stops the heater operation.
If the battery SOC is too low, the heater system will not operate even when the temperature is low.

High Voltage Battery Control System

1.Measure the cell voltage, temperature, current and resistance value.
2.Transfer the BMS control data to VCU or control the driving part.
High Voltage Battery Heater System

Components and Components Location
Components Location High Voltage Battery System Assembly 1. BMS ECU2. Main Relay 3. Pre Charge Relay4. Pre Charge Resistor5. Battery Current Sensor6. Safety Plug7. Main Fuse8. Battery Tempera ...

Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram High Voltage Circuit Diagram ...

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