Kia Soul EV: Keyless Entry / Specifications

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Keyless Entry / Specifications

Rated voltage
Operating voltage
DC 2.7V ~ 3.3V
Operating temperature
-20°C ~ +60°C (-4°F ~ +140°F)
RF Modulation
LF Modulation
RF frequency
433.92 MHz
CR2032 (3V / 1EA)
Transmissible distance
30m or more
Battery lifetime
2 years or more (at 20 times per day)
Number of buttons
Door lock
Door unlock
Tailgate open

Keyless Entry

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. BCM & RF receiver2. Key warning switch3. Front door lock actuator & switch4. Rear door lock actuator & switch5. Tailgate open switch ...

Other information:

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual: Runaway Arresting Device (RAD) Description and Operation

Description RAD is installed on each battery module. If the high voltage battery is swollen by cell overcharge, RAD cuts the ground of the main relay and the pre-charge relay. If the cell is overcharged, the switch turns OFF and the vehicle cannot be driven. RAD RAD on 10 cells RAD on ...

Kia Soul EV (PS EV) 2015-2020 Service Manual: Multimedia Jack Repair procedures

Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the floor console upper cover. (Refer to Body - "Floor Console Assembly") 3. Remove the multimedia jack (A). Installation 1. Install the multimedia jack. 2. Install the floor console upper cover. 3. Connect ...

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